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Everything You Need to Know About Hydrogen Fuel Cells

The hydrogen fuel-cell electric vehicle (FCEV) has been dabbled with for years. But finally in 2019 at least one Australian service station will sell the amazingly clean fuel to power a production zero-emissions SUV and kick off what until now has seemed too good to be true. How good does it seem? Hydrogen takes three minutes to fill a tank at a local service station, which then permits a circa-800km range teamed with strong performance, just like diesel or petrol vehicle. And yet fresh,… Source link

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How Much Do Electric Cars Really Cost To Own?

And finally, at under $70K there’s the BMW i3 with a 33kWh battery pack and without an internal combustion engine (ICE). At over three times the battery size of the Mitsu, the BMW packs almost six times the range, with a quoted 290km (but ‘usable’ 200km), while claiming a barely higher 0.136kWh/km due to its smaller body and lighter kerb weight. Short of a twice-the-price Tesla Model S (with 455km) a BEV can’t yet, however, match the 600km-to-1000km range of an efficient ICE such as… Source link

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